Curve Fire 9-1-02 Photo Gallery #1 - Near Wrightwood California
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Curve Fire starts near Hwy 39 at Crystal Lake

Flames at the base of the trees during the first few hours of the Curve Fire

Hwy 39 near Crystal Lake within hours of the fire starting

Sky above Wrightwood raining ash and debris shortly after fire started

View from Azusa - Photo by Ryan Ling

Curve Fire near Crystal Lake 9-1-02

Curve Fire near Crystal Lake 9-1-02

Curve Fire near Crystal Lake 9-1-02

Hwy 2 is blocked at Vincent Gap by Cal Trans 9-2-02

Bear Creek drainage off Hwy39 on 9-2-02

Juan Guerra from Valley's News shooting video on Hwy 39 on 9-2-02

Near Crystal Lake 9-2-02 on Hwy 39

Bear Creek near Crystal Lake 9-2-02

2 miles from Crystal Lake 9-2-02 on Hwy 39

Difficult terrain of Bear Creek drainage 9-2-02

Bear Creek drainage near Crystal Lake 9-2-02

Top of Bear Creek 9-2-02

Bear Creek near Crystal Lake 9-2-02

Periods of extreme fire behavior 9-2-02

Periods of extreme fire behavior 9-2-02

Near Crystal Lake 9-2-02

Crystal Lake Turn off at Hwy 39 9-2-02

Near Crystal Lake 9-2-02 on Hwy 39

Patrick Healy KNBC News 9-2-02

View from Islip Saddle on Hwy2 looking towards Bear Creek 9-3-02

Near Mt Hawkins on Hwy2  9-3-02

View from Jarvi Vista on Hwy2 looking towards Bear Creek 9-3-02

Cal Trans worker looks at ridge above Hwy 39 9-3-02

Near White Fir Spring on Hwy2  9-4-02

Near White Fir Spring on Hwy2  9-4-02. Check the large burning log in center of photo.

Near White Fir Spring on Hwy2  9-4-02

Burning log takes off downhill towards Hwy 2  9-4-02

Fortunately log stops on Hwy 2 and does not go over the side  9-4-02

Firefighters quickly extinguish flames  9-4-02

Firefighters getting ready to roll smoldering log back towards the hillside and clear road for traffic backing up   9-4-02

Jim Wilkins explains fire details at Mt Hardware Information Board  9-4-02

 Firefighters and forest service personnel take turns answering questions. On the right is District Ranger Cid Morgan, Angeles National Forest  9-4-02

Grassy Hollow Visitors Center is used as a spike camp 9-5-02

Bus driver checks under the hood before heading back to the fire lines 9-5-02

Many of the firefighters say it's the best sleep they've had after the heat at base camp 9-5-02

Firefighter crews come from many different states. This bus came from Wyoming

Firefighters waiting for dinner to arrive at spike camp 9-5-02

Spike camp serves as rest area between shifts on the fire lines  9-5-02

Trying to light the stove used to keep meals hot. This truck is capable of serving 125 meals   9-5-02

Wrightwood Residents wish to thank ALL Firefighters, the Forest Service, Federal, State, County and private workers who have contributed so much in protecting us during the "Year of Wildfires 2002"! 

These LA County firefighters finally get things going  9-5-02

It's important to keep the food hot as a few days may go by without a hot meal sometimes  9-5-02

More Firefighters waiting for food to arrive in the new camp area at Grassy Hollow Visitors Center 9-5-02

This Hotshots crew is from Flagstaff  9-5-02

These crews are from Northern CA - Crane Valley  9-5-02

Jason is the Engineer that runs this fire truck from Waterman Canyon Station #34 of the USDA Forest Service. What a great group of firefighters!  9-5-02

Firefighter discuss removing large snag. (a standing dead tree) 9-6

Large snag falls a mile or two SW of the Dawson Saddle area on Hwy2   9-6-02

After snag is cut down by chainsaw waiting traffic finally passes   9-6-02

Examining tree stump after falling the big tree 9-6

 Firefighter crew from Yosemite extinguish the snag after being cut down
The snag still burning and perched on the hillside must be extinguished 

Caution must be taken with all the loose rocks and falling snags on Hwy2

A mixture of foam and water is used to extinguish the snag.   9-6-02

Job well done by this firefighter and chainsaw technician 9-6-02
Late afternoon photo facing NE shows Dawson Saddle circled on the left. You can see the hot spots burning on the right side

This shot is much higher up a steep rocky slope than it appears. The snag is very hot with flame

Another typical picture of hot spots on a steep hillside in the Dawson Saddle area    9-6-02

Jackson Lake appears quite and peaceful with boy scouts planning on a day of canoeing 9-7-02
Peace and quite is not on the schedule beginning 9-6-02 (No canoeing either!)

Jackson Lake becomes a water source for the Curve Fire 9-7-02

The Tomcat Heavy Lift helitanker holds 2,000 gallons and is filled in 45 seconds  9-7-02

USFS has been considering on cleaning the Lake and will use this opportunity if level goes down
Check the weeds on the bottom of the suction hose 9-7-02

 Tomcat Heavy Lift helitanker while filling the tanks   9-7-02

Within a couple of minutes of appearing the fill is complete  9-7-02

A new Spike Camp is being put together at Ski Sunrise parking lot 9-7-02
Shawn Lawler (center) from Big Pines Visitor Center discuses plans on new Spike Camp 9-7-02

In a matter of hours Ski Sunrise parking lot becomes a new command center 9-7-02

Table Mountain Campground is closed to the public as it will be home for 1200 troops  9-7-02

Supplies being transferred at new spike camp 9-8-02
At the new Spike Camp woodworking takes place to prepare camp 9-8-02

Mess hall is prepared to feed the hungry firefighters 9-8-02

Ski Sunrise parking lot is filled with the mobile command post  9-8-02

Firefighter studies map before heading back to the firelines 9-8-02
Supply depot is well stocked with everything to support the camp and crews  9-8-02

These hungry firefighters get ready to enter the mess hall and have a hot meal  9-8-02

These San Bernardino firefighters enjoy their dinner after many hours on the firelines  9-8-02

Incident Command holds 6pm briefing 9-8-02
Evening and morning briefings are held to bring team leaders up to date on progress and goals  9-8-02

Jim Wilkins, Shawn Lawler and Robert Wood (base camp Mgr) updating each other on progress  9-8-02

Incident Command members talk over the evening strategy  9-8-02

Two proud firefighters! 9-8-02
The message boards are very popular to update on news articles, maps and photos  9-8-02

Finalizing the evening strategy before dinner 9-8-02

Wrightwood Methodist Church is on hand to provide and serve ice cream and cookies  9-8-02

Need we say more! Yum..
Looking forward to a hot meal  9-8-02

Looking west towards Vincent Gulch. On the left of the photo is Mt. Baden Powell (9,399')  9-6-02

Mt High East Reservoir. Tomcat Heavy Lift helitanker 9-9-02

Holds 2,000 gallons and
is filled in 45 seconds 9-9-02
Mountain High East  9-9-02

Mountain High West 9-9-02

Mountain High West   9-9-02

Mt High East 9-9-02
Mt High East  9-9-02

Mt High West 9-9-02

Pilot sure looks like he's checking me out 9-9-02

Mt High West 9-9-02
Mt High West 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02
Evening Briefing 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02
Evening Briefing 9-9-02

Evening Briefing 9-9-02


Base Camp Mgr Craig Roberts 9-9-02
At the message boards 9-9-02

Reading the thank you messages sent to the firefighters  9-9-02

Curve Fire photo taken from the air  9-9-02

View from the air of Spike Camp at Table Mountain 9-9-02
Mt Baden Powell (9,399') in the evening as FireFighters had back burned the ridge during the day  9-9-02

View from Inspiration point looking south. 20 second exposure using a Canon EOS D60 70-200mm  9-9-02

Don't miss this 360 panorama shot of Mt Baden Powell from Inspiration point! By Mountain High Ski Area Click Here

Photo Gallery #2

Wrightwood & the surrounding communities wish to thank Mike Troeger and Mt Hardware for all the support you give this community each and every day of the year.

Your dedication during emergency situations is truly amazing. Without hesitation you take every resource you have available and offer it to the this community without question.

Thank you Mike for everything you do to make Wrightwood such a great place to live!

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