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Improved radar imagery for our area...


Joe Schmoe:
I know there are a couple weather watchers in the group.  Just wanted to post that it seems the govt has either upgraded the radar hardware out of Edwards, or has improved the data being provided to the public.  I use this URL: which is hosted by the College of DuPage.  The improved detail is unreal.  You can see the formation of today's thunderstorms (the sucking up of surface air), and the air currents that preceded it, in great detail. 

For those who are unfamiliar, sure, this imagery performs the normal job of showing you rain in the familiar green, yellow, red format.  But this improvement is that it's now set so sensitive, you can see simple humidity and dust in the air as lighter blues and even some of the lower end of the light green.  Seeing how this is gathered and moved in convecting cells in the desert, kinda like boiling water, is really neat.  Also of note are what look like pools of humid air gathering in only certain places where, perhaps, surface water near river flows from our wet year is evaporating. Super cool.  Enjoy.


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