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Storm Warning Preparation
« on: Aug 18, 23, 04:30:11 PM »
Good day. Wrightwood CERT felt a pre-storm warning should be posted in preparation for 4-10 inches of rain and 35 to 60 mph winds which are predicted to start late Saturday night. This is the first "Tropical Storm Warning" Southern California has received since 1939. This storm could be very powerful and dangerous. Those of us who haved lived in Wrightwood during heavy downpours have seen rocks come down our streets the size of softballs or larger. PLEASE, PLEASE be aware of these possible dangers and use this time to prepare.
We suggest these items for you to attend to in preparation.

1) Gas up your vehicles. If power is out, no gas will be available.
2) Check generators (both gas and oil)
3) Have a supply of DRINKING WATER.
4) Propane tanks need to be filled.
5) Either charge up or have replacement batteries for your DEVICES, FLASHLIGHTS, and RADIOS. It is suggested to tune to KFROG 95.1 FM for weather updates.
6) Sandbags and sand are available behind Fire Station 14. If you have had flooding damage in the past, take advantage of this.
7) Ham radios should be charged and available. If power goes out, Table Mountain repeater could go out and operators should use the SIMPLEX frequency for communicating. CERT will be using FRS Channel 3 for monitoring with those in the Wrightwood area. Charge them up now and have extra batteries available.
We don't want you to panic, but this could be a dangerous situation and CERT wants you all to be prepared and able to get through this as best we can.
Take care, prepare NOW, and be SAFE.
Wrightwood CERT
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